Is India a successful democracy?

Success-Failure, Right-Wrong etc are always relative concepts and context plays a very important role in commenting about the rightness or wrongness, success or failure. Taking that historical view, I would say that our democracy is a success. From the autocratic rule of a thousand kings to the imperialistic rule of the British and now to a democratic republic, we have adapted ourselves well and change is  a continuous phenomenon. Our democracy is evolving and we have to actively take part in this evolution.

So, all is not well with our democracy. I am aware of a few anomalies that need to corrected at the earliest. We have to shift from the FPTP (First past the pole) to proportional representation in electing our representatives and only then the members of legislature both at the state and centre will be the true representatives representing majority aspirations of the Indian population. This is also the view of former election commissioner James Lyngdoh in this article “State funding for elections is a useless thing”

Another equally important need of the hour is the facilitation of voting for people who have migrated from their home constituency for various reasons. This community that I am speaking may be a small percentage of the population but by virtue of their education and other attributes, their votes will be important in a proportional system of electing representatives. I am not claiming any superiority of the educated people but awareness is important for a democracy to thrive successfully and I believe that the probability of educated people being more aware about the needs of the constituency is more than that of the downtrodden who may have sold their vote for a colour television or a packet of liquor.

As I have said previously, the aphorism ‘With great powers come great responsibilities’ is going to mean a lot in the coming days and as democracy evolves, a time may come when the ‘class’ of people entering politics will change completely as entering politics would mean ‘real’ and ‘responsible’ work.


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