Ills of being ‘morally right’

Many a times, I wonder what makes these IAS officers to become corrupt to the extent of apportioning the funds meant for flood rehabilitation, slum development, etc (While the list is long, these are the most heinous or inhumane).  I am slowly attaining nirvana 🙂 i.e understanding the truth of this society and here is my perception for the reason behind corruption.

You need to be very strong mentally if you need to counter the wrong things happening around you. I am saying this not just by observation but by personal experience. I would not say that majority of the humans are ‘bad’ but these small group of people have gathered a lot of power in the society and the society is lacking people who can question wrong practices. In fact, society is altering the definitions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and thus today, bribing a clerk somewhere with a 50 or 100 rupees is not considered ‘wrong’ and there are many such examples.

The moral of all this story is that there are disincentives for being morally ‘right’ and incentives for adjusting to the system however corrupt it is. So, a person who joins Indian civil services by passing the toughest exam in the world to serve the society (which is what majority of them would say in the UPSC interview) is not biased more towards the incentives (again, Im not generalising) but many are worried about the disincentives of speaking the truth or supporting the right cause.

Lastly, I would suggest that you should fight for justice and always be morally and constitutionally ‘right’, whatever be the ills and whatever be the repression forced on you by the ‘wrong’. Binayak Sen’s example fits perfectly to what I am speaking about. We should support his cause if we feel that he has not done anything ‘wrong’. Just, go through this link and find it yourself. The Chattisgarh High Court is hearing his bail plea today. Hope, justice and incentives for doing and thinking ‘right’ will prevail.


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